Mahendra Singh Dhoni Dated 4 Other Girls Before Marrying Sakshi Rawat

As a Dhoni fan, it is obvious that most of our readers have seen the movie M.S. Dhoni. But, do you know about some of the other girls he dated before his marriage? Here we have listed 4 such girls he dated before meeting Sakshi Rawat. Find out more.

Deepika Padukone


The first woman in our list is Deepika Padukone. It was just a decade ago, in 2007, Dhoni revealed his feeling for her. From then, they started hanging out with each other to develop a better understanding. Dhoni reportedly chopped his hair because she doesn’t like long hair. However, they were not made for each other they parted ways after dating for months.

Preeti Simoes


Apparently, Dhoni was later dating Preeti Simoes. However, it was never obvious instead of all the rumors. Possibly, he was dating because he would have said something with his sarcasm if there wasn’t anything.

Raai Laxmi


Dhoni’s desire to find true love didn’t end here. He dated a popular girl from South named Raai Laxmi. It was a serious relationship which lasted only for months. The girl calls this relationship as a scar. She was sure that her part won’t be shown in the film.



M.S. Dhoni was soon seen dating another popular Bollywood actress Asin. They both used to hang out with each other and once he was caught in her house during IPL in 2010. However, this relation too didn’t work for long enough.

Dhoni finally met his true love in Sakshi and got married after some time. Now the couple has a daughter and is living happily.

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  • April 26, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    where is priyanka jha because dhoni was in love with priyanka terribly and even priyanka was in love with him so priyanka is first


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